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KWA NINI MIMI - OGOPA...OGOPA SANA - FIKIRI! (video 3 kwa dvd 1)
US$ 3.00

Kwa nini mimi (Why Me? HIV/AIDS A Call to Love)
Swahili version of Why Me?
Mary, a young, lively and beautiful girl learns the shocking news that she is HIV positive. How does she, her friends and family deal with this diagnosis? The rallying cry is “Why Me?” Why has this happened to me, to my family, to the one I love? This video challenges us to change our attitude towards those infected by the HIV virus. A challenge to stop alienating the HIV positive and instead, to be compassionate and offer our support. It is a call to love.
Duration: 30 min

Ogopa Ogopa Sana (Be Afraid…Aids is Deadly)Swahili version of Be Afraid…Aids is Deadly
The film beings with the sad tragedy of Paula, dying so young, because she had premarital sex with a boyfriend who infected her with the HIV virus. Her friends are the funeral and are struck by the fact that AIDS is very real, not just something that happens to “other people” or mere statistics. After the funeral they get together to come to grips with everything. With the assistance of medical experts, facts are given on HIV/AIDS, dispelling popular myths. Though some treatments can be helpful, there is no cure for AIDS. It is our responsibility to prevent it.
Duration: 30 min
A Paulines Audiovisuals Africa Production

Fikiri Ngono o Upendo? (Think! Sex or Love?)
Swahili version of Think! Sex or Love?
Youth today often succumb to peer pressure, not doing what they know to e right. In this video, a group of young men and women pose a number of questions that plague them to “one who has seen life.” Issues on self control, self dignity and respect as foundations of meaningful relationships as opposed to having a partner merely for “sexual convenience” are explored. Before you do anything, THINK!
Duration: 20 min
A Paulines Audiovisuals Africa Production