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In the Footsteps of Christ

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CHRIST – An Inspiring Portrayal of Jesus Christ, His Mission and His Message
“The message of Jesus resounds through the ages for all people. And yet he lived and preached in a small town during a period of political instability. Getting to know that land and coming to understand the period in which Jesus lived will enable us to understand his words more profoundly. “ Father Roland De Vaux, bible scholar, archaeologist, eye witness discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

In the Footsteps of Christ comprises of 10 chapters. Each chapter retraces the earthly life of Jesus so as to answer the question ”Who is Jesus?” Discover the background of his life and message. Scientific data, references and excerpts from ancient texts are explored, bringing to life the places Jesus walked, preached and lived.

A wonderful resource to prepare pilgrims to the Holy Land.

1. And So It Happened
2. John The Baptizer
3. The Hidden Years
4. From Solitude To The World
5. The Law And Love
6. Blessed Are You
7. You Are The Christ
8. The Stones Will Cry Out
9. The Passion
10. The Cross And Afterward
Directors: Alberto Castellani, Giancarlo Cappellaro
Duration: 150 min (10 chapters of 15 min each)

US$ 3.00

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