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Parables Alive! Scripture Music Videos


PARABLES ALIVE! is a series of scripture music videos based on seven of the most popular parables of Jesus:

1. A Father and Two Sons (Prodigal Son) Luke 15:11-32
2. Forgive! (Unforgiving Servant) Matt 18:21-35
3. Who is My Neighbour? (Good Samaritan) Luke 10:25-37
4. Last Will Be First (Generous Vineyard Owner) Matt 20:1-16
5. Talents Matt 25:14-30
6. Don’t Worry Matt 6:24-34
7. The Sower (animated) Matt 25:14-30

Each video is a modern translation of the parable of Jesus into music and images, bringing to life the characters, symbols and analogies contained in each parable.
Set in modern day Africa, they make relevant the Gospel lessons of compassionate love, forgiveness, reconciliation, God’s generosity, stewardship, faith in God’s providence and living the Word of God.

Suitable for personal reflection, bible study groups, schools, and a useful tool for catechesis for today’s youth and adults.
Includes a study and discussion guide.
DVD extras: English Subtitles/Lyrics of each song

Series produced and directed by Wendy Ooi, fsp

Approximate duration of each parable – 5-8 min
Total duration – 55 min

US$ 3.00

Watch sample clip: